About Us

First established near the end of 2006, The Cooking House is a culinary school that prides itself on a mutual love of food and all things cuisine-related. We offer hands-on leisure classes that cover a grand selection of cuisine cultures while delivering culinary training in a fun and relaxed environment. Inspiration plays a large part in teaching – students will garner a rich appreciation for the culture, heritage and history of all great cuisines.

Strategically located in the heart of Bangsar, The Cooking House today also offers an exemplary range of corporate services for all your food-related business needs. We provide culinary team building programs, chef demonstrations and recipes testing and development services with the aid of skilled in-house chefs. Our premises are also available for rental, and private dining services are available if you want to host a special dining experience for your exclusive clients to showcase your products or appliances.

In its convenient locale near the hot-and-happening Bangsar, The Cooking House is easily accessible and convenient for all, whether for business or pleasure.

Our Chefs

The Cooking House is home to a selection of fine, experienced chefs. Each a pillar of knowledge in their respective fields of cuisine, these chefs are teachers, demonstraters, and cooks with a passion for cuisine that is surpassed by none.

Soo Chee

As a member of ICES (International Cake Exploration Societè) and the British Sugar-craft Guild, Soo Chee plans to take the local sugar-craft technique into a higher level; with more than over 10 years of baking and cakes decorating experience, Soo Chee has turned a hobby into a serious and passionate career in sugar craft and cake decorations. Soo Chee has traveled to far off countries and different continents to work with some of the most notable figures in sugar decorating art, namely, Ms. Debbie Brown of London on figure modelling, Ms. Rosaline Chan from Canada, Mr Eddie Spence MBE on royal icing, Mr Alan Dunn on sugar paste flowers as well as Mrs Eunice Borchers of South Africa on sugar painting. Currently, Soo Chee is the cake artist in The Cooking House and her biggest passion is to teach and impart knowledge in this resurging and exciting field to others.

Collin Edward Lim

Chef Collin is passionate about cooking, as he has been since young. He has worked in Park Royal KL and the Palace of the Golden Horses, and has had 16 years of experience in the food industry. His philosophy with regards to gastronomy is simply to offer his guests the best in top-notch cuisine. He has participated in numerous culinary competitions, proving his prowess by emerging victorious. Currently, Chef Collin is a senior chef consultant at The Cooking House where he shares his passion for fine cuisine.

Johari Edrus

Chef Johari is Masterchef Malaysia’s most senior jury member. He has worked in several hotels in Kuala Lumpur, and has held important positions in several of the nation’s most important food-related organisations. He was the vice-director of food and beverage in Tradewinds Corporation Berhad, and is widely acknowledged as a culinary expert. He participated in London’s WorldSkills Competition in September 2011. A mentor at heart, Chef Johari seeks to teach the younger generation of chefs, and lectures at UiTM, Taylor’s University College, KDU and University Utara Malaysia (UUM).

Shokri Mohd Ghani

Chef Shokri has racked up an impressive resume throughout years spent honing kitchen  skills. He has worked in Vistana Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Sheraton Labuan, and Sofitell Vinpearl Resort to name a few. The difficult nature of his journey in culinary arts has honed his impeccable nature, which has led to the bestowment of several great honours. He has won a number of awards at the Food Hotel Singapore exhibitions, and had also taken on the challenging role of being Jordan’s late King Hussein’s personal chef. He stresses the importance of taste and texture in each his dishes, and commits himself fully to quality, value and culinary creativity.

Nicole Lynn

Chef Nicole did not come directly into her life as a baker. At first a leisure baker who served her own voracious appetite for sweets, Nicole was once a make-up artist and fashion stylist for big names the likes of MAC and Channel V. Her flair for pretty things gives her an edge, and today, she runs Babycakes Sweet Shoppe, an establishment in downtown KL made famous for her macarons. She is unchallenged in determination, drawing inspiration from her endless pool of creativity in both teaching and baking.

Janet Yong

Chef Janet Yong is the epitome of an artisan. She fell in love with cooking at a young age, watching her grandmother and mother in the kitchen. Eventually, she would come to learn the craft, and by 15 had tried her hand at making Nasi Lemak. Her passion for food is founded and continually renewed through her years spent cooking and eating. She caters niche events, and conducts private cooking classes for those who are interested in her art.

 Florence Tan

Celebrity Chef Florence is the very epitome of elegance in a tough-as-nails culinary world. A well-known international ambassador of Nyonya cuisine for the Malaysian Tourism Board, Chef Florence upholds tradition with deep tenacity. She bears her heritage with great pride in all aspects of life, even in her preference for traditional garb. The lead of her very own show on TV3, Dapur Nyonya, Chef Florence has been tagged by World Cafe Asia’s Bobby Chin as the Queen of Nyonya cuisine. How very well-deserved this honour is!

Chin Pei Ling

Chef Pei Ling was once a restaurant owner. She conceptualised and set up the restaurant’s operations, and also developed the menu. Eventually, she sold her restaurant, but her passion for cooking progressed. She joined The Cooking House as a culinary consultant, sharing her expertise  as a recipe developer, culinary trainer, and corporate team building facilitator. She specialises in local Chinese cuisine and home-style baking.